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Nethergate Tiles
An example of the artwork created by special needs teenagers who I enjoy working with. Beginning by making medieval encaustic tiles using my carved pattern blocks, once they became confident with the material we moved onto creating designs for their own encaustic tiles.
A Native American day at Redmile Primary School on July 4th. I created a outdoor camp where activities included making dreamcatchers, creating an arrow using a bone arrowhead, spinning wool yarn Navajo style, storytelling and song.
Smudging while storytelling helps create the atmosphere
I teach a diverse range of arts and crafts, from pottery to environmental arts, printmaking, drawing and painting, across all age groups and abilities. I can work with individuals or groups with collaborative projects.
pp425905af.jpg    I took in pictures of medieval Green Man sculptures and examples of environmental artists Andy Goldworthy and Chris Drury to show to the children at Nethergate School, which led to this dual environmental art and clay art project.
The children developed a pair of clay Green Man wall plaques using the earlier leaf sculpture as a guide. They used leaves as templates and decorated the biscuit fired piece with brush on glazes.
Mini-beasts created by 6 and 7 year olds... are used to decorate the wall of the school garden.
student2.jpg Adult Education can be enjoyed as a relaxing hobby or used as a supplement to exam study - from GCSE to Degree level.
Brian's beautiful finished plaque.
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