Encaustic Tiles
Medieval and Modern
Green Man
Fleur-de-Lys Medieval tiles and my Green Man tile - my favourite designs
Medieval Encaustic Tiles
Medieval Tile designs are faithful to the originals, dating from the mid thirteenth to mid sixteenth century. I carve a pattern block from wood for each design and the stamped impression is filled with a slip inlay. The final colour is determined by the strength of the honey glaze, which I vary to recreate the variations found in the original woodfired ceramics.
Leaping Hound
Tree of Life
Medieval Pattern

Shamanic Encaustic Tiles
Created with a  Shamanic theme, with wolves, bears, leaves, feathers and spiral ammonites. I have taken the religious imagery and symbolism placed onto medieval tiles and updated it with a twist, looking towards nature and native spirituality for images. They measure 6 x 6 inches approximately and are larger and thinner than the traditional medieval tiles.
Crouching Bear
Sun and Moon
Wolf face
Please contact me for details on how to order my tiles, I have some designs ready to send and others can be made especially for you, within weeks. I am happy to discuss making new patterns in both modern and medieval styles.
email - bookings@katetiler.co.uk or telephone 01949 860959
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