Medieval tile making and living history
Tilemaking at Peterborough
I travel all over England to events, reenacting Medieval or Tudor life as tilemaker.
I bring my working pottery to English Heritage and National Trust properties, to events run by local councils, to schools, museums and Stately Homes. I can set up outside using my trader's tent or inside buildings and as soon as I begin to make the first tile of the day I gather a crowd, intrigued to see how they can get involved and help me decorate a tile.
I offer a unique hands-on opportunity to step inside and handle the tools and materials of a Medieval potter, answering questions and telling the story of my working life. I bring the past to life by telling people how my family were affected by the large events in history such as the Reformation of the Church in Tudor times.
Tilemaking at Barnstable
Tilemaking at Barnstable, Devon, with a willing apprentice
to decorate a tile with slip trailed from a cow horn
Picture courtesy of the North Devon Journal
Leaping Hounds
Leaping Hound - mid thirteenth century design
 from Saltwood Church, Kent
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